Superyacht Services Guide 2012/2013

Touch of Gloss is please to announce that we appear in the 2012/2013 edition of the Superyacht Services Guide. There is only one way to published in this guide and that is from the recomendations of Superyacht Captains and crews.

This is a tremendous honour for us as TOG is the only New Zealand boat painter invited to be in this prestigous publication.


Early March saw the arrival of the Volvo Ocean Race fleet into Auckland. This was always going to be a tight stopover but was ade even tighter when the leg from Sanya to Auckland took 2 1/2 days longer than planned. TOG had just 58 hours to complete a long work list on CAMPER with Emirates Team NZ that included touch ups on the front 4m of the hull, touch ups to the keel fin and a complete polish of the hull.


Fortunately as this was Camper's home base we had the luxury being inside the Team NZ shed as the weather duing the stopover was not too kind. TOG's entire team worked in shifts to get the job done and Camper was re-launched 2 horus ahead of schedule in preparation of a public and sponsors open day.

CAMPER with Emirates Team New Zealand Non-Skid Respray

The wear and tear on the nonskid of a Volvo 70 is pretty harsh. The crew require the best possible grip and typically the decks get the nonskid redone after 1/2 the race has been completed and was originally scheduled for the Auckland stopover in March. However Camper had sailed considerably more miles pre-race than expected so December 2011 saw TOG princple Dale Pennington travel to Cape Town South Africa to re-spray the nonskid on Camper. 4 days to prep and respray outside in the Cape Town spring was certainly challenging and meant for some very late nights.

Camper by Emirates Team NZ

Mid July saw the addition of the name Camper in 11 different locations through-out the deck. For TOG this involved carefully removing the non-skid, sanding and spraying the name followed by the re-spraying of the non-skid.

TOG also undertook the application of the Dulon polish system and a number of other touch ups and alterations before Camper was loaded aboard a ship bound for Europe.


For pictures please view the Projects page and scroll down to Camper 

TOG Shed Full to Capacity

14 June.

Winter time means many small jobs that could be done outside in the summer without weather related delays need to be done inside. The TOG shed is bursting at the seams with the arrival of the 18metre launch Waikomouri for some cosmetic touch up work, antifouling, Propspeed and replacement of the teak swim platform surface.

Nestled in behind her on the right is the Senior designed yacht Aggression who is having a full refit. Please see our Projects page for more information. On the left is the little Townson 28 Trill who is in the final stages of her refit and behind her the 16metre launch Nika Sia - also in for a major refit.

TOG Shed Full!

ROYAL NZ NAVY CHICO 40 YACHTS - Mako II, Manga II and Paea

25 May, 2011.

The much traveled fleet of Chico 40 RNZN Adventure Training Vessels had a birthday below the waterline. Scraping the antifouling off boats isn't every ones cup of tea but TOG's 'ANTIFOUL MAN' Jason Trow just can't get enough of them. All 3 yachts had new antifouling systems applied after the scraping and sanding was done using International Paints Interprotect Epoxy Primer followed by a red signal coat of Micron 66 and finally finish coats of black Micron 66. New bottoms ready for many more years service!

                                                 RNZN Chico 40 new Micron 66 Antifouling                                              RNZN Chico 40 new Micron 66 Antifouling



16 May 2011.

Escapade and Lanakai II up for annual maintenance. Both vessels had full repaints in 2008 and still look like the day they came out of the shed.

Escapade had her red Micron 66 antifouling renewed after 3 years. Great performance to achieve 3 seasons on a regularly used boat. 69 litres of  the new improved red Micron 66 which stays brighter was sprayed on by TOG's 'Antifoul Man'

Lanakai II had some engineering works done on her stabilisers and touch ups done on the boot top.Escapade (background left) & Lanakai II (foreground right)

Silvertip Touch Ups

21 July - During a less than favorable delivery from Tahiti to Port Vila Vanuatu Silvertip sustained some damage from a broken fitting to her cap rail and superstructure. With a charter in 10 days time it was imperative that Silvertip be in pristine condition. TOG arranged all the necessary paint & sundries ready for Dangerous Goods air freight to Port Vila and sent our touch up painter to effect the necessary repairs in time before the start of the charter.


Escapade refit complete at Gulf Harbour.

The Gulf Harbour based 23m expedition emerged on an overcast Friday afternoon from the TOG shed having had her 1st major refit in 10 years. Vessel. TOG painted the Jade Forest Green hull in Awlcraft 2000 with a Matterhorn White Superstructure.

Silvertip Wins 2009 Millennium Cup

Silvertip won the 2009 Millennium Cup with 3 guns and a 2nd racing against the likes of Janice of Wyoming, Thalia, and Naos. Staged at the same time as the LV Pacific Cup the Gulf was quite a sight with Superyachts and Americas Cup Class boats competing for space. Congratulations.