Repaint and Refit Specialists

Touch of Gloss have built an enviable reputation over the last 25 years, in painting, refinishing and performing touch up work on vessels ranging from runabouts to 250 Foot. Naturally evolving to managing large refits, Touch of Gloss is your one stop shop.
Our Services
Touch of Gloss has the full range of services for your boat maintenance requirements.
Dale Pennington, founder of Touch of Gloss applies the final polish to another successful job.
At Touch of Gloss we approach every job with a 'touch it, feel it, smell it' approach. We then diagnose the substrate and condition of the vessel. We have extensive experience in dealing with the challenges presented by substrate including steel, aluminum, hi tech composites, fibre-glass and timber. All these substrates present different challenges; our teams, with years of experience, can diagnose and present to our clients, economical and time saving solutions. 
Touch of Gloss is well known for their super yacht finishes. Built and bred in the boat building industry dealing with multiple substrate, interior and exterior, requiring filling and fairing, texture and semi-gloss, commercial and semi commercial coatings up to high gloss finishes, this has made Touch of Gloss the most experienced and diverse boat painting company in the southern hemisphere. Touch of Gloss have the expertise and knowledge to advise on paint types, systems, graphics, colours, and budget that will suit your vessel. Be it a simple repaint or a full refit. We will manage your vessel with a positive and friendly outcome.
Touch of Gloss are experts at refurbishing sanding paining and polishing
Super Yachts 
Touch of Gloss are a team of professionals who enlist the services of other professionals with long well established relationships to oversee and mange the refit of super yachts and have built a reputation over many successful projects including temperature controlled environments to paint vessels in excess of 200ft.
Touch of Gloss is the only New Zealand boat painter to appear in the prestigious Superyacht Services Guide 2012/2013
This publication is by invitation only and as a result of recomendations of Superyacht Captains and crew.                                    
We work on all sort of craft - using dry docks if necessary.
Touch of Gloss Executive Premium Service
Our Executive Premium Service specializes in the refinishing and repair of vessels in the 30 – 50ft range. One of the comments we hear from our clients is that they are pleasantly surprised with the level of finish provided to a pre determined budget.