Mayan Queen IV

October 2011 saw the arival of the superyacht Mayan Queen IV into Auckland for maintenance and cruising NZ waters. This 92m Blohm & Voss built motor yacht is one of the largest private Superyacht to ever visit NZ.

TOG's original work list was rather brief however after a few days it became quite extensive. Works included repairs to remove the streaky lines on the light blue metallic of the lower half of the Hull Topsides, 2 touch ups to the metallic blue, have all the superstucture exterior doors & frames removed and corrosion attended to and touch ups to both tenders. The scale of the vessel is quite staggering - some 450m2 of light blue metallic alone.

On completion of the works Mayan Queen IV cruised NZ before leaving for Asia in early January 2012.