ROYAL NZ NAVY CHICO 40 YACHTS - Mako II, Manga II and Paea

25 May, 2011.

The much traveled fleet of Chico 40 RNZN Adventure Training Vessels had a birthday below the waterline. Scraping the antifouling off boats isn't every ones cup of tea but TOG's 'ANTIFOUL MAN' Jason Trow just can't get enough of them. All 3 yachts had new antifouling systems applied after the scraping and sanding was done using International Paints Interprotect Epoxy Primer followed by a red signal coat of Micron 66 and finally finish coats of black Micron 66. New bottoms ready for many more years service!

                                                 RNZN Chico 40 new Micron 66 Antifouling                                              RNZN Chico 40 new Micron 66 Antifouling