Touch Up

Some time in your boat's life she will need a touch up or two (or more). 

Whether racing your yacht or fishing for the big one or perhaps the throttle got stuck in forward and the dock got in the way, dings, scratches, and holes happen. 
Unlike a car where there are many panels and edges to terminate the paint edge you don't necessarily want or need to paint the whole side of your boat. 
Touch of Gloss have developed techniques and products to colour match and blend touch ups to match your existing finish - even on the most difficult of paints to repair such as Awlgrip - so that you wouldn't know where we have been. 
Depending on the location of the touch up and what marina you are berthed in we can do the repair at the dock.

Caring for you paint

Caring For Your Paint

It is difficult for dirt, grime and grease to adhere to most marine paints. However overtime, a build up of dirt, grease and other contaminants can cause the finish to appear dull.

Touch of Gloss endorses the following guidelines for Awlgrip, Awlcraft 2000 topcoats.


Care of Your Hull Topside Paint Work


Naturally you have Fenders to protect your vessel from the dock or when rafted up with other boats.


Now most people think that now that I have fenders then I am all good – my paint work will be protected. NO. Most brands of fenders are made of a high quality marine vinyl that look great when they are brand new however when the wind is pressing your pride and joy against the dock the fenders work back and forwards and in doing so they become warm and can leave a sticky residue. This is exacerbated when the dock is also dirty with grit & grime being transferred to your hull. 


The best way to avoid this happening is to use fender cover which protects your fender and hull. These can be washed to keep clean. Care needs to be taken when selecting your fender sock as brands vary in material and construction. Avoid thinly knit nylon styles as these are quite abrasive. Look for polartec fleece material which is soft with a pile finish. Fender covers are available in many colours and can be custom made just see your local chandlery.