The Townson 28, like her bigger sisters the 32 & 34, is a sought after design and hard to come by. Trill has good 'bones' but was in need of some TLC. TOG's paint report identified a number of issues that, if not attended to soon, would begin to seriously compromise the value of the boat.

  • Paint delaminating
  • Exposed timber
  • Poorly executed repairs
  • Rot in the cockpit seat lid and foredeck hatch
  • High moisture content in areas of the hull and deck
  • Splits in the fiberglass cloth on the gunwale and hatches

The Hull Topsides and Deck were in a multiple shades of white and grey. These will be replaced with a more traditional 2 tone colour scheme that Townson's are known for.

Updates will be ongoing during this refit.