CNB in France constructed SPIIP in 2009 out of aluminium. Touch of Gloss was contracted by CNB to undertake extensive warrenty work on their behalf . TOG's vast experience & reputation in the preparation and painting of aluminum substrates was the catalyst for this to happen while the boat was in New Zealand over the summer of 2011/12.

TOG not only paints Superyachts - we take our skills and apply them to small boats as well. 

Dash is a 10m 'picnic boat' designed and built by well know Auckland boat builder John Douglas. TOG did final undercoats and finish coats at John's premises in Dairy Flat north of Auckland.

Dash was painted exclusively using International's Interspray 900 for the Hull Topsides and Superstructure and finished with Micron 66 below the waterline.

Motor Yacht Exuma is a the first 50 metre Picchiotti motor yacht from the Vitruvius Series launched by Perini Navi in July 2010. Like the my Mayan Queen IV Exuma came to TOG with a small job list - mainly warranty work on behalf of the builders to fix cracks in the filler on some steps and around the spa pool. During the veseels time here in NZ they decided to make an alteration to the bow by installing a fairlead into the stemhead itself. This resulted in quite a large fair in from the bow aft . Exuma is painted with DuPont Marine Coatings and is a very similar colour to Silvertip (TOG 2007). The work was undertake at Titan Marine's slipway in Auckland during February and March 2012.

October 2011 saw the arival of the superyacht Mayan Queen IV into Auckland for maintenance and cruising NZ waters. This 92m Blohm & Voss built motor yacht is one of the largest private Superyacht to ever visit NZ. 

TOG's original work list was rather brief, however after a few days it became quite extensive.Works included; repairs to remove streaky lines on the light blue metallic of the lower half of the hull topsides, 2 touch ups to the metallic blue, have all the superstructure exterior doors and frame removed & corrosion attended to, and touch ups to both tenders (also metallic blue). The scale of the vessel is quite staggering  - some 450m2 of light blue metallic alone.

On completion of the works Mayan Queen IV cruised NZ before leaveing to Asia in early January 2012.

Trill is from the drawing board of the late great Des Townson. After purchasing Trill in February her current owner decided it was time to make this classic look like new again.

This Nick Peal design by Salthouse Boats had minor refit and major cosmetic makeover by Touch of Gloss.

Don Bendall (owner of Echo) says:
"Our return to Westhaven on Saturday went without a scratch!   The only problem is that every man and his dog passing up and down the finger wants to stop and have a chat about the magnificent paint job!   Echo is on Q30 if you ever want to check up on how we are looking after your paintwork.

Sean, we are absolutely delighted with the result. The design and colour suggestions from Dale and yourself were inspired,  the quality of the work is outstanding and it was a real pleasure dealing with you."


Touch of Gloss's expertise has been called upon to paint the roofs and certain exterior walls on a new build home overlooking Red Beach just north of Auckland.